Learn More About Eversafe Civilian MREs With This Review

MREs are becoming increasingly popular for sports enthusiast, survivalist, and even ordinary people. If a family is going on a camping trip and they want some really easy meals that are light to carry and require nothing to heat up and eat, then this type of meal can be a great choice. Survivalist who are wanting to store food on the chance of a natural disaster or terrorist attack can do so easily with this type of meal as it requires no refrigeration and can be kept up to 5 years before it expires.

The Biggest Supplier Of MREs To Government Agencies

The company that makes Eversafe Civilian MREs is the largest supplier to government agencies of MREs. They have been producing these types of meals for over three decades and Eversafe is the brand they use for selling to civilians. While these meals are not exactly the same in every way to the ones given to soldiers, they are very close. The main difference is that the military MREs have two entrees and the civilian ones have one. Everything else is the same.

The Benefits Of MREs For Civilians

Extreme athletes and survivalist have been using MREs for several years now. There are many reasons that ordinary people would want to consider having these as well. If you live in an area that has a tornado or hurricane season and you are concerned that you may be trapped for a few days in an underground bunker or another place where you wouldn’t have access to food or the ability to cook it or keep it refrigerated, then MREs would be the perfect choice. If you were in your car and it breaks down on the side of the road at night time and you have to wait for several hours or more, then having this as an emergency meal is a great use of this product.

The idea that emergencies don’t happen has long been debunked. From Hurricane Katrina to the events of 9/11, we know that natural disasters and terrorist attacks are possible. In Hurricane Katrina, there were people that were trapped in areas for days without water or food even with the best attempts by the government to help these people. If they had MREs and some stored water, then they would have been able to survive much more comfortably than they did.

If the unimaginable were to happen and the country was attacked by terrorist and you found yourself without power or you were forced to go to the mountains or anything such as that, then MREs would be a great choice. Even those that went through other hurricanes such as Hugo where electricity was out for over 2 weeks through most of some of the major cities that were hit, then having this food available would be a practical way to eat at home.

Buying Direct From The Company That Makes Eversafe

Right from their website, it is possible to buy cases of 12 meals-ready-to-eat or even a pallet of 48 cases. Depending on the amount that you buy, these will run anywhere from $6.50 to just under $8 per meal. Many will feel that price is very affordable while some may feel it’s steep but the important thing to remember is that these are complete meals including an entree, bread, spread, a snack and even a beverage along with the calories and the nutritional components that will keep someone strong and reasonably healthy. These packs each come with a flameless heater that means you need nothing else to have a hot meal.

Because the Eversafe meals are made by the largest supplier to the government and the fact that they have over 30 years of experience means that they know what it takes to make MREs that give everything that is expected in this type of meal. It is light to carry and it has enough calories and nutrition added in so that the body can stay strong. The company has the experience to know how to prepare these meals so that the taste is as good as possible.

Eversafe MRE

Many who have served in the military and then get out trust this company when buying MREs for civilians. The reason is simple, in the military, these were the very meals that they got in the field and they have become a trusted company for those who have experienced eating meals-ready-to-eat in real situations. If this is the maker of MREs that those that have served in the military trust, then it’s likely the right choice for most civilians.

MREs Should Be Included Among All Emergency Essentials

Many people keep an emergency blanket in their car or a first-aid kit in the car or in their home and those are great ideas. MREs should be included along with those. Sometimes a person may be driving down long stretches of road in the desert or they may be on a camping trip where something happens and they need to stay longer than they anticipated. These and countless other emergency situations save lives when having food and beverages are essential to survival.

If someone waits until the emergency happens, it’s too late. Because MREs require no refrigeration and can be kept for up to five years there’s every reason to keep them with other emergency supplies so that when and if an emergency happens, they are available when you need them.

MREs Are Now The Newest Trend For Truck Drivers

One of the newest segments of people who are beginning to regularly buy MREs are truck drivers. Among the truck drivers that buy these type of meals, the Eversafe brand is by far the most popular. The reason many truck drivers find these meals to be very convenient is the fact that they often make deliveries in places that are out of the way. It is very common for them to have to arrive and then wait for several hours before their truck can be unloaded.

While trucks certainly do have coolers and refrigerators, the problem is that the driver doesn’t always keep those things stocked. If they get out in the middle of nowhere and are waiting to be unloaded and they get hungry, there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it. But by storing up a case of MREs they can store them under their bed or any other storage bin they have in their truck and then when they need it they can just pull it out and eat it.

In this review of the Eversafe Civilian MRE meals, we have covered the details on the fact that this company has more experience than any other and as the largest supplier to government agencies, they have a solid product that consumers can trust. If you want to buy MREs for civilians this is the right brand to get.