Spicy cucumber side dish (Oi-muchim: 오이무침)

I’m going to share an extremely easy dish with you today that’s one of my all time favorites. It’s a spicy Korean cucumber side meal called oi-muchim. If you have a good seedless English cucumber, you can make this scrumptious banchan in a few minutes. Everyone enjoyed it. Who would not like cold, fresh, crispy, seasoned cucumber? Each bite is succulent and shocking!

Oi indicates “cucumber” in English, and muchim implies “combined” or “experienced,” so many individuals merely call this dish “experienced cucumber”. Numerous Koreans have their own version of it, so you’ll find numerous variations from family to family. This one is mine, and I have actually been using it for a long period of time. It’s likewise among the dishes in my cookbook.

A major pointer for this recipe is making it and blend it right before serving, which will keep it crisp and fresh and prevent it from getting watery. It’s perfectly suitable for a summertime BBQ– rejuvenating and simply spicy enough to provide you a little kick!